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Who We Are

Alcare Place is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping men, age 19 and over, recover from addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling. Alcare Place opened in the heart of Halifax, NS in 1987 and since that time we have become a leader in the community with a client-centered, holistic approach to recovery from addiction.

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Alcare Place is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and is staffed by a diverse and qualified team dedicated to helping our clients in their recovery journey.

Alcare Place provides a safe, stable and supportive environment where our clients are able to focus their energy towards change and growth. We can accommodate 11 residents, most of whom stay with us for one year. We offer Life Skills Programs, Relapse Prevention Programs, Anger Management Programs, Goal Setting, Recreation, Relaxation & Meditation classes, One-on-one Counseling, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

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In our many years of operating a recovery house, the one lesson that rings true is that our impact extends well beyond helping one person take back their life. We return husbands to their wives and partners, fathers to their children, sons and brothers to their families, skilled workers to their communities; and the benefits of recovery ripple outward over years touching countless lives.

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