Mission & Vision

"Dedicated to the rehabilitation of addicted persons with a commitment to recovery".

Helping adult males help themselves in the ongoing struggle for sobriety from alcohol, drugs, and gambling.
Supporting our clients throughout their treatment and helping them enroll in an aftercare program, housing initiative, and showing them that they can incorporate themselves back into society and live in sobriety.

You can call us at
(902) 423-9565


"How do I put into words what Alcare means to me? My addictions were on the verge of killing me when this place came into my life. First, the four walls gave me a safe place to stay while I dealt with the physical cravings and thoughts that plague addicts in their first months of sobriety. So how do I put into words what Alcare means to me? One word: home."

Darren H. June 1998 - March 1999