Coming to Alcare Place

• Overview
Alcare Place is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Halifax dedicated to the service of recovery from addiction. We have proven time and again, since we opened our doors in February 1987 that it is possible for Alcare Place service users to recover from harmful involvement with Alcohol, Drugs or Gambling. Over the years, many men have entered our doors with a desire to rebuild their lives and learn more about awareness and prevention of addiction issues. After participating in The Alcare Place Recovery Program, many return to their respective communities as productive, contributing family members and citizens. Alcare Place provides a stable, safe and supportive environment in which our clients are able to focus their energies towards change and growth.

• What to Expect
Alcare Place can facilitate 12 clients and is supervised 24-hours a day. We are open to service users aged 19 and over who are looking for a new start in life. As recovery from addiction is a multi-faceted, long-term process, only those who show a commitment to recovery will be considered to attend our program. There is scheduled programming Monday to Friday from 8:00am until 3:30pm that is mandatory. If you have an appointment that you need to attend this must be approved by the caseworker facilitating the lesson. Curfew if set at 11:00pm Monday to Thursday and 12:00pm Friday to Sunday. Daily chores take place 3 times a day (morning, noon, and after supper) to ensure the house keeps clean at all times. Guests are permitted to visit residents of Alcare Place after chores until 10:00pm in common areas only. NO guests allowed on the upper level, basement, kitchen, or office. Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper are served daily. If you have specific dietary needs please let staff know during intake.

• What is Expected
Attendance at daily classes, Attending 12 step meetings (4 or 6 depending on phase), active involvement in your own personal recovery, maintain good personal hygiene, and treat both staff and other residents with respect at all times.

• Your commitment
This is an opportunity to acquire the tools to live life free of drugs, alcohol and gambling.

• What to bring
Things to bring along to Alcare Place include, clothing, any personal items that you wish [Family pictures, musical instruments (dependent on size), personal hygiene items (no items that have the ingredient alcohol), any and all medications that are prescribed by a physician (must be handed into staff to be put in medication lock up), and any items that you have a personal connection with that may be symbols of you own cultural or spiritual identity.

You can call us at
(902) 423-9565


"How do I put into words what Alcare means to me? My addictions were on the verge of killing me when this place came into my life. First, the four walls gave me a safe place to stay while I dealt with the physical cravings and thoughts that plague addicts in their first months of sobriety. So how do I put into words what Alcare means to me? One word: home."

Darren H. June 1998 - March 1999